Sonrics Pinata Candy Surprise: 5LB Bag


Rockaleta Gum Centered Chili Lollipops: 30-Piece Display


For more than 25 years, Sonrics has produced magical, taste-tempting candies that have delighted the senses of Mexican candy lovers everywhere. When you crave south of the border flavors, Dulces Sonrics is the candy brand you can trust to deliver what you need. For lollipops that are more than just your average round candy on a stick, the Gudu Pop has a soft taffy texture that is wildly unique, and for something tiny and tangy, Tix Tix pops are an apple, mango, watermelon, raspberry, grape, or lemon melt in your mouth treat! Need something even more out of this world delicious? Sweet and spicy, with layers of flavor, Rockaleta is a lollipop with the gum center that will lift your spirits from taste buds to toes! Candy Warehouse has the best Mexican candy selection in the world with fresh from the border treats that no other candy store can beat!

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