Snickers King Size

Snickers 2 To Go King Size Candy Bars: 24-Piece Box

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Snickers Almond King Size Candy Bars: 24-Piece Box


Snickers Peanut Butter Squared King Size Candy Bars: 18-Piece Box


If you think you deserve the royal treatment, why not get yourself a king size Snickers bar? When a snack tastes this nutty and delicious, you’ll never want the great flavor to end. Luckily, by getting an extra-large bar, you can enjoy more of what you love. There’s a variety of choices out there! Which king size Snicker bar will you choose? Here at Candy Warehouse, we’ve got them all. You may crave the satisfying taste of the classic bar. However, it doesn’t end there. We also have almond or even peanut butter Snickers king size bars. If you’ve been looking for a snack that’s straight-up regal, you’ve found it. Treat yourself to a massive bar of nutty goodness.

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