Slime Candy

Ooze Tube Liquid Candy Dispensers: 12-Piece Box

4 Reviews

Sour Ooze Tube Liquid Candy Dispensers: 12-Piece Box

3 Reviews

Toxic Waste Slime Licker Sour Rolling Liquid Candy Dispensers: 12-Piece Display

2 Reviews

Toxic Waste Nuclear Fusion Sour Candy Packs: 240-Piece Tub


Slime Candy

Tasty, tangy, and sometimes gooey, slime candy is a treat for anybody out there! This novelty product is a favorite among children and adults alike. Whether you want a special gift that will make someone squeal with excitement or simply feel like having some fun yourself, we’ve got you covered. These novel snacks are a great way to inject a little whimsical fun into any event. At Candy Warehouse, we have a frighteningly good selection of candy slime that you’re going to want to see for yourself. Whether you love the super sour taste of Toxic Waste lickers or want to play with some yummy liquid & spray candy, we’ve got everything you could possibly need. Why not get started and check out our variety of gloopy snacks today? You won’t be disappointed!

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