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History of Runts Candy

Fruity, crunchy, and fun to eat, Runts candy was first created in 1982. Though it’s hardly changed in the nearly 40 since its creation, the major changes have been to its flavors. Originally, the Willy Wonka Candy Company offered banana, cherry, strawberry, lime, and orange flavors. Over the decades and through transitions to different manufacturing companies, the offering has had several additions and removals of flavors, including lime, pineapple, mango, and raspberry. The original center of the treat was also colored to match the outside shell, but the sweets makers have since opted to change it to a white center.

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Coming in assorted shapes, colors, and fruity flavors, Runts are as much a joy to look at as they are to eat. In a handful of these sweet, bite sized treats, you’ll come across red, heart-shaped strawberry pieces, green apple pieces, purple grape pieces, and yellow banana Runts. These nostalgic sweets were once found in vending machines at grocery stores everywhere, but its way more fun to have Runts candy in bulk! Share with friends and family or enjoy all to yourself when you purchase 12-piece, 24-piece, or a 5 lb bag of these classic, fun shapes and flavors. Give away these prepackaged boxes in goodie bags, gifts, or for Halloween, or go bold and fill an entire bowl up for snacking at a party. Ferrara Candy Company, the tiny treat’s manufacturer, has taken the confectionary world by storm, reinvigorating this and other favorite movie theater candy brands, like SweeTarts, Nerds, Laffy Taffy, and Gobstopper. With expanding textures, flavors, and shapes, who knows if this fruit shaped candy will have yet another mouthwatering makeover since its original creation. Whatever your plans for these itsy-bitsy morsels, make sure you have enough on-hand by buying them in bulk, here at Candy Warehouse.

Runts Fun Facts

Interested in more juicy tidbits about this dreamy sweet? Consider that there has been more than just a long list of Runts flavors to experience over the years. Chewy Runts, a variety that was once on the market, turned this crunchy creation into a flavorful, yet gummier consistency. Runts Freckled eggs were the only variation that completely altered the shapes of all the candies. Instead of fruit-shaped bites, these Runts were shaped like eggs and speckled with colored dots. Still around today, the Bananarama variation is exactly what it sounds like – a delicious, banana-flavored crescendo, made entirely of banana pieces.

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