Riesen Chewy Chocolate Caramel 5.5-Ounce Bag: 12-Piece Box


Mamba Fruit Chews Candy Bars - Tropics : 24-Piece Box


Riesen Chewy Chocolate Caramel: 30-Ounce Bag

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Riesen Chewy Chocolate Caramel 12-Ounce Bag: 12-Piece Box


For chocolate lovers, there’s nothing quite like the creamy, decadent combination of chocolate and caramel flavors of Riesen candy. With an intensely rich chocolate taste that comes from experienced chocolatiers in Germany, this sweet has gained much popularity and is loved around the world. It’s chewy caramel center and dark chocolate coating have been around since its introduction in 1934, and as a perfectly bite size candy, it’s no wonder it has so many fans! Choose from our selection of bulk Risen chocolate candy for individually wrapped morsels ready for you to delve out or for a supply of rich, chocolate flavor whenever you want to dip your taste buds in! Grab delicious Reisen candies in bulk at Candy Warehouse!

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