Remy Martin

Remy Martin Cognac Filled Chocolate Bar: 10-Piece Box


Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac Liquor Filled Chocolates: 20-Piece Tube

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Remy Martin chocolate is nearly indescribable, but we’ll try out best. First of all, this sweet treat is decadence to the max. Secondly, let’s talk about versatility: cognac-filled candies? Creamy and smooth, sweet and satisfying, punchy and warm. That’s how our candy connoisseurs describe Remy Martin cognac chocolate. But, we think you need to taste a few for yourself to really appreciate and understand their unique and luxurious flavor. Shop the latest selection of Remy Martin liquor filled chocolates today and experience a dessert and nightcap combined in one. Choose the 10-piece bar box, or go with the 20-piece individually-wrapped selections to give as a gift! Don’t’ wait – shop now.

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