Regal Crown

Regal Crown Sour Cherry Hard Candy Rolls: 24-Piece Box

4 Reviews

Regal Crown Sour Lemon Hard Candy Rolls: 24-Piece Box

1 Review

Sweet, sour, and scrumptiously fruity, Regal Crown candy delivers a mouthful of flavor packed into round, bite sized discs. These goodies come in rolls of 7 individually wrapped pieces, making them great for on the go and for sharing with others who love a sweet and sour combo! With tart flavors reminiscent of childhood days, Regal Crown sour cherry candy offers a wealth of tanginess balanced with a delightful cherry taste. Looking to spread the delicious joy that these treats deliver? Purchase bulk 24-piece packages of rolls of these fruity, sour hard candies, and you’ll be set for sharing with a crowd! And with only 15 calories per tasty piece, Regal Crown sours candy offers a memorably tangy and low calorie experience your taste buds will love! Pick up your choice of sweet and fruity flavors and get set for a tart adventure. Shop in bulk today at Candy Warehouse!

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