Push Pop

Push Pop Candy: 24-Piece Box


Jumbo Push Pops Candy: 18-Piece Box


Push Pops Triple Power Candy: 16-Piece Box


Bazooka Brands Variety Pack: 18 Piece Box


Push Pop Sliderz Candy: 18-Piece Box


Easter Candy Push Pops: 24-Piece Display


History of Push Pops Candy

As the 1980s and 1990s dawned, a new type of treat hit shelves across the world. Yes, Push Pops were a pop culture phenomenon during these golden years. Created by none other than Topps Candy, these portable snacks proved to be a huge hit with kids and teenagers alike. So, what was the secret to the brand’s success? It’s quite simple really. The fact that you could put the top back on the treat meant that you could carry it around with you. Young people loved this quirky idea and soon adopted the sweet treat as their go-to favorite. Amazing!

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Are you ready to experience the sheer joy of fruity Push Pops Candy once again? Yes, the sweet suckers that were huge during your youth are still around. Cast your mind back to your teenage years when you loved nothing more than treating yourself to one of these snacks. You’d head to the store after school was over and select your favorite flavor to take home. Strawberry, cherry, blueberry; it didn’t matter which you chose because you loved them all. Over time, Push Pop lollipops branched out into weirder and more wonderful tastes. You couldn’t get enough of the temptingly good Triple Power selection or the Jumbo editions. When it came to suckers candy, there was only one brand that you wanted and this was it. You’d buy it, lick it, and pop the top on it for later. Nothing could be better. If you’re ready to take a sweet trip down memory lane, you’ve come to the right place. At Candy Warehouse, we have the best nostalgic candy on the shelves.

Push Pop Fun Facts

If you love these particular novelty candies, can we tempt you with a quick fun fact? You may not realize it but the brand behind Push Pops is famous for another familiar treat. Yes, we’re talking about the ever-popular Ring Pops. The geniuses over at Topps Candy are responsible for both of these amazing novelty snacks. Go ahead and pass it on!

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