Pumpkin Shaped Candy

Halloween Plastic Pumpkin Candy Cups: 12-Piece Set


Peeps Marshmallow Halloween Candy Packs - Pumpkins: 3-Piece Pack


Original Gourmet Caramel Apple Pops: 60-Piece Bag


Charms Orange Pumpkin Pops: 15-Piece Bag

4 Reviews

Dubble Bubble Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkins Wrapped Gumballs: 50-Piece Bag


Dulces Mara Halloween Pumpkin Pops: 12-Piece Bag


Bee International Pumpkin Topped Tubes with Candy Corn: 24-Piece Box


Thompson Foiled Crispy Milk Chocolate Halloween Pumpkin Discs: 5LB Bag


Madelaine Pumpkin Foiled Crisp Chocolate Balls: 5LB Bag


Bee International Pumpkins with Warheads: 12-Piece Box


Madelaine Pumpkin Foiled Peanut Butter Filled Milk Chocolate Balls: 40-Piece Tub


Fall Sprinkles Mix: 4-Ounce Bottle


Campfire Pumpkin Spice Halloween Marshmallows: 8-Ounce Bag

1 Review

Foiled Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Heads: 36-Piece Display


Orange Pumpkin Taffy Halloween Candy: 3LB Bag


Halloween Pumpkin Hard Candy Lollipops: 12-Piece Pack


Energy Blend Assorted Snack Mix - Edamame, Cranberries, Almonds, & Pumpkin Kernels: 34-Ounce Tub


Halloween Large Mouth Pumpkin Candy Dish

1 Review

Enjoy all the fall colors and festive flavors when you “harvest” a variety of delicious pumpkin candy! With vivid oranges, yellows, browns, and reds, these sweets have all the shades of a spookin’ good time. Choose from creamy or crunchy chocolates, autumn-themed lollipops, and fun filled candy corn pumpkins. With a variety of adorable faces adorned on these Halloween goodies, there’ll be no shortage of smiles to go around! If your holiday just won’t be complete without candy pumpkins, you’ll love the bulk selection of individually wrapped treats like Jack-o-Lantern taffy and peanut butter cups. Collect an assortment of goodies to hand out and share these happy, mouthwatering snacks with your neighborhood trick-or-treaters. If you’re in need of something to hold all of your delectable sweets, consider our large-mouthed Halloween candy pumpkin, perfect for displaying all of your delicious finds. Whatever your fall sweets needs, find them at Candy Warehouse!

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