Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts - Frosted Blueberry: 16-Piece Box


Pop Tarts Frosted Chocolate Fudge: 16-Piece Box


Pop Tarts - Frosted Cherry: 16-Piece Box


Pop Tarts - Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon: 16-Piece Box


History of Pop Tarts

When Pop Tarts hit the market, the whole world took notice – and scooped them up in a frenzy! Kellogg's might be well-known for their wide selection of iconoclastic cereals, but don’t let anyone fool you: these dessert-like pastries are a household staple. What makes these hand pies so tantalizing? Well, for one, their fruity fillings stay fresh on the shelves and not in the refrigerator! These treats quickly became the perfect grab-and-go breakfast options for busy kids everywhere. Take a bite of one of the original flavors (strawberry, blueberry, apple, and brown sugar) or try a newer invention today!

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Everyone has a Top 3 list of their favorite Pop Tart flavors. Yours is probably different from your brother’s or best friend’s, and that’s even better! That means more for you and less sharing with everyone else on the block. Shop these tasty breakfast pastries from Candy Warehouse and fill up your pantry with the latest Pop Tarts flavors that the entire family can enjoy. These bulk snacks are the perfect option to grab-and-go on your way to school, soccer practice, or band camp! Available now in 16-piece boxes, you’ll never run out of these sweet-and-tasty treats for you and your kiddos. Find your favorite flavors today, like the iconic strawberry Pop Tart that has been around since they hit the market in 1990. Or, go with a box of cinnamon Pop Tarts if you aren’t a fan of fruity flavors. No matter what your personal Top 3 list is, we have the selection you crave in the morning for breakfast, in the afternoon as a midday snack, or at night as a sweet dessert before you head to bed.

Pop Tart Fun Facts

Are you camp “toasted” or “right out of the bag” when it comes to a Pop Tart? No matter how you enjoy them, Pop Tarts are a household breakfast staple. But did you know this pastry got its start at Kellogg’s because the Post brand announced their invention too soon? It’s true! The Kellogg’s brand took the idea and ran with it, perfecting the idea and creating the concoction we recognize now. You have Bill Post’s kids to thank for the sweet fruity flavors that we still know and love! Grab one of the cult classic flavors for yourself today!

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