Espeez Gold Mine Bubble Gum Satchels: 24-Piece Box

3 Reviews

Madelaine Gold Foiled Milk Chocolate Coins - Blank: 5LB Bag


Pirate Skull Pops: 12-Piece Box

1 Review

Gummy Killer Sharks Candy: 3KG Bag

4 Reviews

Gummy Crocodiles Candy: 5LB Bag

2 Reviews

Assorted Colors Gummy Sharks: 5LB Bag

7 Reviews

Skull Pinata


Sour Gummy Sharks Candy: 100-Piece Jar

2 Reviews

Gummy Alligators Candy: 125-Piece Jar


Pirate Wrapped Buttermint Creams: 300-Piece Case

3 Reviews

Pirate Flash Pop Suckers: 12-Piece Box


Flix Candy Day of the Dead Skull Pop-Ups Lollipop Packs: 12-Piece Display


Foiled Chocolate Pirates: 75-Piece Tub


Treat Street Wind-up Pirate Candy Poopers: 3-Piece Set


Skull Pops: 15-Piece Bag

23 Reviews

Batten down the hatches and get ready to set sail on a pirate adventure with pirate candy for a pirate themed candy table. Every scalawag or buccaneer needs some gold foiled chocolate doubloons or a trusty parrot shaped candy to feel like a true pirate. Get these and more pirate candies from Candy Warehouse today! From popular skull pops and gummy sharks to unique candy, you’ll find everything you need right here for your pirate theme party. With competitive pricing and bulk sizes, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for without giving up all of your treasure. Don’t forget to check out our other themed products, including ocean and animal themed candies where you'll find terrifying sharks and colorful fish to go along with your theme. Get ready for the loot of your life here at Candy Warehouse’s online candy store.

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