Pineapple Shaped Candy

Vidal Sour Pineapples: 1KG Bag


Dried Pineapple Fruit Slices: 11LB Case


Sugared Gummy Pineapple Rings Candy: 1KG Bag

3 Reviews

Arcor Fruitfuls Sachet Wrapped Fruit Bon Bons Candy: 5LB Bag

27 Reviews

Candy Powder Filled Plastic Fruits Medley: 100-Piece Bag

10 Reviews

Candy Fruit Jell Slices - Pineapple: 5LB Box


Pineapple Hard Candy Circle Slices: 4.23-Ounce Bag


Goody Good Stuff Tropical Fruit Gummy Candy: 2.65LB Box


JujyFruits Fun Size Candy Packs: 45-Piece Bag


If throwing a summertime luau party is on the docket, don’t forget to add fun, fruity desserts to your list like pineapple candy! Shop the latest pineapple hard candy today and experience that tangy flavor you know and love with an even sweeter kick. From individually-wrapped circle slices that are perfect for a piñata to sweet, powder-filled fruit medley treats built for goodie bags and beyond, Candy Warehouse has the tropical pineapple candies you crave. Plus, find gummy pineapple shaped candy in a variety of selections, like rings, slices, wedges, and fun size packs. Add gummy slices as a topper to a cupcake or simply pop one directly in your mouth for a super sweet take on a tropical classic.

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