Pig Shaped Candy

Sour Gummy Piglets: 2KG Bag

5 Reviews

Pink Gummy Piglets: 1KG Bag

1 Review

Gustaf's Pink Gummy Pigs: 1KG Bag

5 Reviews

Pink Peppermint Pig Gift Pack

13 Reviews

Peppa Pig Pink Cotton Candy Tubs: 12-Piece Case

1 Review

Pig candy is a delightful way to put an extra-special touch on parties or to create a whimsical and memorable gift. Animal lovers are sure to enjoy indulging in this fun-themed treat. Use gummy pigs to decorate your baked goods or to make party favors even more fun, and make a farmhouse-themed party complete. They’re super chewy and are available in traditional flavors as well as in sour options that are a big hit with kids and teens. Candy Warehouse also offers many other candy pig treats, including delicious peppermint pig candy, themed dispensers, and more. Both kids and adults love these perfectly pink, fun-themed sweets, and these treats work well for celebrations for all ages. With our bulk purchase options, you can get fantastic value while stocking up for a big party in one stop.

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