Star Wars PEZ Candy Dispensers: 4-Piece Collector's Tin


Transformers PEZ Candy Packs: 12-Piece Display

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Created in 1927 by Austrian-born Eduard Haas III, PEZ began as refreshing little round peppermints in a small tin that quickly gained popularity. Soon after their introduction, these candies took on the rectangular shape that still holds true to today. It wasn't until inventor Oscar Uxa came up with the patented dispenser box in 1949 that the PEZ candy dispensers skyrocketed to confection history as a legendary icon. This dispenser held 12 candies in a stack and ejected one at a time, a design that is still found in these family-favorite novelty treats. In 1956, this company introduced the space gun dispenser, and the first three-dimensional character head was added to the top of the container in 1957, starting with the Halloween Witch followed by Popeye in 1958.

Fast forward to today, and billions of these American pop-culture favorites are sold every year. They were even featured in TV shows like the classically hilarious Seinfeld episode, "The PEZ dispenser," in which Elaine erupts into laughter at the most inappropriate time when Jerry places a dispenser on her leg. Comical and delicious these candies come in flavors like Cherry, Strawberry, Orange, Raspberry, Vanilla Cupcake, Banana, Lemon, Cola, Sour Blue Raspberry, Sour Watermelon, Sour Green Apple, and even Chocolate and Candy Corn, as well as a wide array of dispenser characters from Disney and Marvel, to Funko and Star Wars. For a vast selection of all your favorite characters, flavors, and even PEZ refills, Candy Warehouse is where you'll find it all in stock and ready to ship right to your door!

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