Peeps Pink Marshmallow Hearts Candy Packs: 24-Piece Case

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Peeps Giant Plush Yellow Chick Pillow

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Peeps are the cute as a button, sweet and fluffy little marshmallow treats that bring a great big smile to everyone’s face! Marshmallow Peeps candy is made in the USA by the Just Born Company, which acquired the line of puffy candy from the Rodda Candy Company in 1953. Before that acquisition, every one of these confections was painstakingly hand-formed, which was quickly remedied by the new owner switching over to mass production. As the candy grew in popularity, unique flavors and colors were introduced and in 2009, the first Peeps & Company store opened in National Harbor, Maryland, followed by more store openings in Minnesota and Pennsylvania.

Often thought of as only an Eastertime treat, this candy is available year-round in Easter Peeps bunny candy as well as chicks, Christmas Gingerbread men, Halloween pumpkins, and even chocolate-dipped Valentine’s Hearts. Flavors of Blue Raspberry and Sour Watermelon have joined the lineup as well as colors such as Pink, Blue, White, Lavender, and Green. Although they are super-delightful to eat, these candies can also be used in recipes for smores, crispy treats, and pancakes or in unique crafting projects the whole family will enjoy! For the absolute freshest marshmallow candy, in stock and ready to ship right to your door, shop the vast selection at Candy Warehouse.

How Many Delicious Treats Can You Make With Peeps?

You know Peeps are a popular marshmallow treat for springtime, but did you know these fluffy candies can be an ingredient in gourmet delights year-round? Celebrate Easter with rainbow marshmallow crispy treats using purple, pink, yellow, and green chicks, and then slide into summer with these little peepers peeking out of S’mores! As Halloween rolls around, no need to panic when it’s your turn to bring the party treats, as these soft squishy candies come in ghostly shapes for mixing into a batch of brownies or used as a garnish atop cupcakes! And when the cold winter winds usher in Christmas and Valentine’s Day, warm their hearts with a peeped-up version of coffee or hot cocoa, or dip these marshmallow cuties in chocolate for a super-easy treat! For gourmet sweets they’ll love, Candy Warehouse has the shapes and colors you need to “keep on peepin’ on” the whole year through!

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