Peanut Butter Taffy

Salt Water Taffy - Peanut Butter and Jelly: 2.5LB Bag

1 Review

Fralinger's Peanut Butter Taffy Chews Candy: 12-Ounce Box

2 Reviews

Salt Water Taffy - Peanut Butter: 2.5LB Bag

2 Reviews

Peanut Butter Kisses Taffy Chews: 7.5-Ounce Bag

30 Reviews

Peanut butter taffy: super gooey, ultra-tasty, and unforgettable! Forget dipping your spoon into the jar and making a mess out of the kitchen. With peanut butter salt water taffy, you can experience that mouthwatering taste you love in a tiny, individually-wrapped package. Plus, you don’t have to hide your addiction from the rest of the household. Unfurl one of these treats and experience the delight of a PB&J sandwich in candy form! Plus, try out the peanut butter kisses taffy for a sweet take on a classic that doubles as a fun gift for your family and friends. Sure, you can always give a bag to someone else, but don’t forget to snag one for yourself! Shop the latest tasty treats from Candy Warehouse today in bulk options like 2.5-pound bags and 12-ounce boxes. Kick back at the end of the night, pop one of these unbeatable bonbons, and enjoy!

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