Peanut Butter Bars

Atkinson Peanut Butter Bars Candy: 3LB Bag

30 Reviews

Atkinson Sugar Free Peanut Butter Bars Candy: 3LB Bag

4 Reviews

Atkinson Peanut Butter Bars Candy: 160-Piece Tub

2 Reviews

Atkinson Peanut Butter Sticks Candy: 160-Piece Jar

2 Reviews

Atkinson Peanut Butter Bar Candy Bars: 24-Piece Box

1 Review

Crunchy, nutty, and always tasty, you can’t beat the great taste of Peanut Butter Bars! If you’re nuts about this awesome brand, you’re in luck. We’ve got something of a treat for you. Brace yourself for butterflies in your tummy. Here at Candy Warehouse, we happen to stock Atkinson’s finest products all in one place. When you think of this old fashioned candy, what is it that springs to mind? Use your imagination! Do you crave the oh-so-crunchy texture of the bars? Perhaps you’re a fan of the savory, yet sweet flavor that they offer. Whatever it is that you love about peanut butter candy, you can find everything you need in our online store. Yes, we offer bulk nostalgic sweets at the click of a button. That means that you no longer have to search the web for your nuttiest sweet treats. Instead, you can head over to our site, browse our yummy selection, and get shopping. Why not go nuts and treat yourself to something delicious today?

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