Pastiglie Leone

Leone Mini Hard Candy Purple Violets Flowers: 5-Ounce Tin

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Leone Piccolini Plugs Mini Morsels Fruity Candy: 2LB Bag


Italian candy artisans make Pastiglie Leone candy in true Italian fashion. Leonardo da Vinci himself would likely admire these unique and exquisite confectionery treats. Sweet works of art, Piccolini Plugs have the appearance of micro macaroon pastry puffs, with a crunchy, crumbly texture reminiscent of Necco Wafers and an assortment of fabulous fruit flavors. The Leone Mini Hard Candy Purple Violets Flowers are delicate hard candy wafers molded into purple flower shapes! Each piece features a unique violet flavor. For more fruit pastilles, explore our selection at Candy Warehouse today!

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