Old Fashioned Candy Sticks

Bogdon Fruit Twists Reception Candy Sticks: 12-Ounce Box

12 Reviews

Red Candy Apple Hard Candy Sticks: 100-Piece Box

1 Review

Old Fashioned Hard Candy Sticks - Sassafras: 80-Piece Box

3 Reviews

Bogdon Mint Reception Candy Sticks: 12-Ounce Box

6 Reviews

Candy Stick 6-Jar Display Rack

1 Review

Old Fashioned Hard Candy Sticks - Green Apple: 80-Piece Box

1 Review
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Old fashioned candy sticks are a treat that can take you back to simpler times. Back to when you and your friends were free to roam the town and head on down to the corner store where they sold stick candy for pennies each. The nostalgic feel and taste of these delectable treats are why people of all ages keep coming back for more. Do you remember pulling out a pack of the white chalky looking candy sticks on Halloween? You pretended to be the cool kids like in the movie Grease with your fake cigarettes. Or maybe you remember riding your bike or scooter with friends, handlebars in one hand and a candy stick in the other. It seemed days like those could last forever, and with the unique taste of those pole-like sweets, anything was possible. Here at Candy Warehouse, we strive to provide fantastic taste along with sweet memories. Shop our selection of old fashioned treats today!

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