Octopus Shaped Candy

Trolli Sour Brite Gummy Octopus Candy: 5LB Bag

2 Reviews

Efrutti Gummy Sea Creatures Candy: 60-Piece Box

6 Reviews

Trolli Sour Brite Gummy Octopus Candy: 3LB Box

1 Review

Trolli Sour Brite Gummy Octopus Candy: 35-Piece Jar


Trolli Sour Brite All Star Mix Gummy Candy: 3LB Box


Tropical Gummy Octopus Candy: 3KG Bag


If you simply love to snack on gummy octopus candy, then you are in for a treat. If you need a tantalizing treat featuring eight tentacles to finish off your themed party, then you’re in luck, too! Shop the latest octopus gummy candy for a sweet take on this sea-dwelling creature. Available from Candy Warehouse in bright and bold rainbow colors and dunked in a sugar coating for a sweetened experience, these treats are a must-have for all ages. Shop the iconic Trolli Octopus Gummies for a sour take on a classic. This sour octopus candy might look sweet from the outside, but the minute you take a bite, a pucker forms on your face and that mouthwatering reaction ensues instantaneously. If tangy isn’t your thing, maybe the fruity flavor of Efrutti Sea Creatures is your style. Boasting a marshmallow underbelly, these treats are perfect for tiny tots and beyond.

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