Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottles Candy 4-Packs: 18-Piece Box

7 Reviews

Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottles Candy: 18LB Case

4 Reviews

Enjoy awesomely fruity flavors when you “nip” the top off of delicious Nik L Nip candy! Coming in four tasty options including cherry, orange, lemon, and lime, these treats will bring a smile to your face as you decide how to devour them. Nibble away on Nik L Nip wax candy bottles to create an opening through which you can slurp out the tasty, gooey center, or pop the whole bottle into your mouth to chew like gum – but remember to spit out the wax once you’re done! This flavorsome, old fashioned candy has stuck around for generations, and there’s a reason why –it’s fun to eat, fun to play with, and the wax can be molded into all kinds of shapes. Choose from bulk packages of Nik L Nip wax bottles to stock up on a traditional treat that continues to please all ages! Explore options at Candy Warehouse.

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