Goobers Candy Packs: 24-Piece Box

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Nestle chocolate products are the brands you know best, and the chocolatey goodness that’s impossible to resist! When you crave something sweet, Nestle candy is first and foremost on your must-have-now list as Nestle brands are the most well known and most loved chocolate and candy on the planet! Without fail, the 100 Grand Bar fulfills every craving at once with its crispy crunchies wrapped in rich chocolate and luscious caramel. For candy lovers who prefer their treats a little nutty, Goobers are made to satisfy with their simple goodness of a crunchy peanut draped in milk chocolate. When chocolate isn’t quite your thing, the soda pop flavored taste of Bottle Caps will add just the delicious excitement you need to quench that craving right! Never be without the candy you love and buy your favorites in bulk straight from Candy Warehouse!

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