Naturally Nutfull

Nutfull Chocolate Truffles - Hazelnut: 36-Piece Box


Nutfull Chocolate Truffles - Red Velvet: 36-Piece Box

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Nutfull Chocolate Truffles - Almond: 36-Piece Box


Indulge in the daring delight of creamy and crispy cocoa and crunchy roasted nuts with Naturally Nutfull truffles. These candies feature chocolate covered nuts and are available at Candy Warehouse in three distinct flavors: hazelnut, red velvet, and almond. In the center of these decadent desserts sits a singular roasted nut. Surrounding that crunchy inner layer is a crispy, thin cocoa wafer. This chocolate truffle candy is then dipped in creamy liquid that hardens and satisfies your sweet tooth like nothing else. Shop the latest bulk chocolates today, like 36-piece boxes of Naturally Nutfull treats, and experience an indulgent way to end your evening or finish off dinner. With individually-wrapped options, it’s easy to just grab a few for yourself!

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