Mountain Bar

Mountain Candy Bars - Peanut Butter: 15-Piece Box

5 Reviews

Mountain Candy Bars - Vanilla: 15-Piece Box

8 Reviews

Mountain Candy Bars - Cherry: 15-Piece Box

4 Reviews

First created in 1915, sweet and savory Mountain Bar candy bars were dubbed Mount Tacoma Bars. Today, these mountainous treats are known for their sweet and salty outer layer encasing a silky-smooth center of sweet flavor. Iconic in nature and monumental in taste, these bars feature chocolate with nuts that satisfy the iconic sweet and salty craving sweeping taste buds nationwide. What really sets these candy bars apart, though, are the unique flavors within the outer layer. From peanut butter filled chocolate to cherry, the possibilities are endless! You can even find vanilla candy for a classic taste sure to please a crowd. You don’t have to hike up a mountain to discover the amazingly hearty taste of a Mountain Bar. Simply find your favorite flavor at Candy Warehouse today. Available in 15-piece boxes and coming in three separate varieties, it’s never been easier to find exactly what you’re craving.

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