Moon Pie

Double Decker Chocolate Moon Pies: 9-Piece Box

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Moon Pie Bites Candy: Giant 1LB Box


Double Decker Vanilla Moon Pies: 9-Piece Box

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Moon Pie, now a much-loved iconic treat, got its start in 1917 in the coal mining industry. A coal miner requested a snack “as big as the moon” from a local bakery, and the bakery delivered with gigantic Moon Pies. These cakes feature graham cracker and chocolate covered marshmallow, making for a treat that’s an amazing combination of flavors and textures. The trend caught on, and these delicious treats have been an American favorite ever since. Lucky for us, we have even more choices than the original Moon Pie. Today, you can choose chocolate or vanilla pies, as well as the enormous Double Decker and the convenient Moon Pie bites. These bites make for a tasty movie theater candy, packing all of the deliciousness of the traditional treat into a compact sweet. Candy Warehouse offers a wide assortment of these treats, so you can satisfy your sweet tooth with this indulgence from your childhood.

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