LifeSavers Hard Candy Singles - Holiday Mix: 50-Piece Bag

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Wintergreen Mint Twist Hard Candy Basket


Mentos Mint Candy Single Packs: 125-Piece Bag

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Candy Cane Peppermint Candy Corn: 16-Ounce Tub

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Archie McPhee Close Talker Mints Tin


Thank You Wrapped Butter Mint Creams: 200-Piece Bag

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Believe it or not, the history of mints dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt. Thousands of years ago, civilization invented the first ever breath mint. The pellet-style refresher is thought to have been a combination of myrrh, cinnamon, frankincense, and honey. It wasn’t until years and years later during the reign of King George III that the Victorians created the first commercial candy made out of peppermint oils. During the 1950s, the trend made it over to America with the treats being used as a way to freshen breath. The pellets are now extremely popular worldwide.

Ready to freshen up with some delectable minty candy? Nothing quite beats the revitalizing taste of these remarkable sweets. If you’re looking for a little pick-me-up or something to freshen up your breath, eating these products is always a smart move. Plus, as a real bonus, they are simply delicious too! Whether you’re in need of an after-dinner treat or like to carry around mint gum, we’ve got everything that you could possibly want. Each time you pop one of the pellets into your mouth, you will experience a fragrant and fresh taste like nothing else in the world. At Candy Warehouse, we have the yummiest candy treats you’ve been looking for. From the ever-popular butter mints to well-known brand names, such as Andes Mints and Starlight Mints, there’s something to suit each taste out there. So, why not check out the range now? You might just be surprised at the limitless goodies that you find on offer!

Did you know mint gets its name from a Greek mythical character called ‘Menthe’? Another interesting fact is that there are more than 30 different varieties of mint around the globe. What’s more, 70% of the world’s spearmint and peppermint is produced in the United States! Interesting stuff.

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