Milk Duds

Milk Duds Candy 5-Ounce Packs: 12-Piece Box

1 Review

Milk Duds Candy Snack Size Packs: 20-Piece Bag

11 Reviews

Deliciously sweet and awesomely chewy, Milk Duds candy has a history as rich as its flavor. These sweets originated in 1926, and though the manufacturing company has been sold multiple times, today the sweets are made by The Hershey Company. With its long-lasting satisfying texture, this chocolate caramel candy has become a favorite treat in many settings. Mini packs make for delicious Halloween treats, while larger Milk Dud boxes make for ideal movie theater candy that you can enjoy through the entire film. Since they’ve been so popular for decades, biting into these treats is still a nostalgic experience that can evoke memories of your childhood. Candy Warehouse offers these sweets in a variety of sizes. Whether you’re stocking up for Halloween, looking for party favors, or are planning a home movie night, we’re sure to have the right size and volume of these treats for your event.

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