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History of Mary Jane Candy

One might think Mary Jane Candy history began in 1914 when the sweet treat was originally released. However, the story behind this peanut butter candy started nearly 30 years prior, inside a little kitchen in Boston. Beginning in 1884, the Miller family created unique confections out of the confines of their home. That is until Mary Jane was invented. After perfecting the irreplaceable recipe of peanut butter and molasses, this penny treat was sold out of dime stores and soda shops for years to come. More than 100 years later, the distinct look and amazing taste are the exact same.

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Mary Jane Candy is truly nostalgia in a bag. Rip open a bag today and a grab one of the individually-wrapped treats inside that has been satisfying sweet cravings for more than 100 years. Invented in the Miller family’s kitchen, Mary Janes are an old fashioned candy constructed of molasses and peanut butter. The ingredients are right on the front of the bag! Now, powerhouse Necco manufactures these taffy-like treats. But, what sets this delightful dessert apart from its competitors is the nostalgic look of the branding. A little girl graces the front of the box in the same illustration and bold red and yellow coloring used when the treat first hit penny stores in 1914. Shop Candy Warehouse for the latest bulk options of this delectably delicious dish-filler. Classic 11-ounce bags are perfect for a small crowd, while 240-piece tubs or 30-pound cases are fit for a block party!

Mary Jane Candy Fun Facts

So, where did Mary jane’s name originate? The story told by the Charles Miller claims the dessert’s designation is a namesake after his favorite aunt. However, that story’s validity is widely disputed. Some same the name began as a gamble on Miller’s part to get free advertising in the weekly newspaper funnies alongside Buster Brown comic strips. No matter the case, one thing is celebrated by all: the story behind this molasses candy is as charming as it is controversial.

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