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Our selection of marshmallow candy includes classic treats and sweet surprises by many of the brands you know and love. These puffy, bite sized delights date back to as early as 2,000 B.C. and were considered a delicacy. Only gods and royalty were deemed worthy to enjoy them. Ancient Egyptians made marshmallows by extracting sap from the mallow plant and mixing it with nuts and honey. It wasn’t until the nineteenth century that candy makers started mixing the sap with egg whites and sugar. Whipping the ingredients by hand, the mixture took the shape that we all know today. Even candy bar manufacturers couldn’t deny the demand. 3 Musketeers, Hershey, Milky Way, and, Snickers are just a few of the brand names that jumped on the marshmallow bandwagon.

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Candy Warehouse is home to a wide selection of sweets that will satisfy any kind of craving. Our marshmallow flavored collection is stocked to the brim with a variety of soft and firm treats that are perfect for anytime snacking or special occasions. Americans typically turn to the gooey goodness while camping out under the stars and gathering around the campfire to toast them for s’mores, but marshmallows are also devoured during Valentine’s Day, Easter, and other holidays. We offer an array of Puffy Poles in all your favorite flavors, including strawberry, grape, banana, and more. Some companies use them at conferences, trade shows, and other corporate events to entice prospective customers. We also offer chocolate covered marshmallow candy and rice crispy squares, which will delight all the guests at your upcoming event. Our selection of candies wouldn’t be complete without marshmallow flavored jelly beans. Plan and prepare for your upcoming camping trip by stocking up on telescoping marshmallow forks or an all-inclusive s’mores kit for the kids. Whatever your reason, we have the selection to satisfy. Shop from our selection to stock up in bulk at mouthwatering prices.

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