Lion Soda Hard Candy Balls: 5.36-Ounce Bag

3 Reviews

Lion Soda Kids Hard Candy Balls: 3.36-Ounce Bag


Lion Torolino Filled Hard Candy Balls: 2.24-Ounce Bag


Lion Juicy's Filled Hard Candy Balls: 2.54-Ounce Bag


Are you searching for the unique flavor of Lion Candy? You’re in luck! Here at Candy Warehouse, you can fill your boots with these snacks! Sampling the likes of amazing Japanese candy is a completely original experience. You can expect fresh flavors and rare combinations! Whether you crave tasty filled hard candy or sweet soda candies, there’s a delicacy that’s perfect for you. Why not introduce yourself to a brand new style of treat? Take the time to browse the range of quirky flavors such as zingy lemon and scrummy kiwi. You might even say that they are totally ‘kawaii’. (That means ‘cute’ in Japanese, by the way!) Rather than traveling the world to find awesome sweet snacks, you can get them delivered directly to your door. Yes, you read that correctly! Why not stock up on these products right now?

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