Licorice Sticks

Kenny's Juicy Licorice Twists - Green Apple: 1LB Bag

6 Reviews

Kenny's Juicy Licorice Twists - Watermelon: 1LB Bag


Kenny's Juicy Licorice Twists - Strawberry: 1LB Bag

1 Review

Kenny's Juicy Licorice Twists - Cherry: 1LB Bag


Kenny's Juicy Licorice Twists - Red Raspberry: 1LB Bag

3 Reviews

Kenny's Juicy Licorice Twists - Cinnamon: 1LB Bag


Twizzlers Strawberry Licorice Twists - Wrapped: 180-Piece Tub

13 Reviews

Twizzlers Rainbow Licorice Twists: 12-Ounce Bag

2 Reviews

Do you relish the taste of scrumptious licorice sticks candy? These remarkable sweet treats are entrenched in your childhood memories. Do you remember heading out to the nearest store to buy yourself a quick licorice stick when the school day was over? Savoring the delicious taste of these treats was the highlight of every single weekday! If you’re in the mood to relive the pleasure of those stolen moments, why not check out our wide range of options at Candy Warehouse! We don’t want to brag but we have everything you’re looking for right in one place. Whether you want a classic batch of black licorice sticks or fancy something special like some filled licorice sticks, we have just what you’re craving right here. Take the time to check out our broad range and find something you love today!

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