Licorice Laces

Gustaf's Red Licorice Laces Candy: 2LB Bag

29 Reviews

Rainbow Licorice Laces CrEATables Candy Strings: 2LB Bag

32 Reviews

Gustaf's Sour Strawberry Licorice Laces: 2LB Bag

2 Reviews

Gustaf's Purple Grape Licorice Laces Candy: 2LB Bag

13 Reviews

Gustaf's Sour Blue Raspberry Licorice Laces: 2LB Bag

5 Reviews

Gustaf's Sour Green Apple Licorice Laces: 2LB Bag

3 Reviews

Gustaf's Black Licorice Laces Candy: 2LB Bag

11 Reviews

Gustaf's Chocolate Licorice Laces Candy: 2LB Bag

1 Review

Do you remember the licorice laces candy of your youth? Heading the store and grabbing a whole bunch of these treats brought a big smile to your face. You stood at the pick ‘n’ mix counter, selecting your favorite flavors and pondering which to choose. Whether you were besotted with red licorice laces or had a penchant for black string licorice, you could always find something to tickle your fancy. Luckily, you can relive that sheer moment of joy once more. At Candy Warehouse, we stock a wide range of retro snacks and treats that you’re certain to love. Take the time to browse our wide root-based candy stock until you find something that calls out to you. From Gustaf’s chocolate variety and strawberry sensations to vibrant rainbow strings, our fantastic variety of goodies will bowl you over. Check them out today and taste the sweetness of your childhood again!

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