Karla Fiesta Pinata Candy Mix: 11LB Bag


Karla Fiesta Pinata Candy Mix: 5LB Bag

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Take your upcoming fiesta to the next level of fun with a little help from Karla candy! These mixes make it easy to fill up your favorite piñatas or dessert bar with a sweet treat that ends in a fiery kick of flavor. Find five- and eleven-pound piñata candy mixes that feature plenty of individually-wrapped sweet treats for your whole party. These Mexican candy selections are unique, though. Why? Because one bite, lick, or suck will send a shockwave of sweet pleasure through your mouth, followed by a hot and spicy kick thanks to the chili powder coatings. Shop Candy Warehouse today for the latest sweet and spicy treats from Karla, including sour lollipops, chewy gummies, cherry bubblegum, and caramels.

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