Jujubes Candy 5.5-Ounce Packs: 12-Piece Box

9 Reviews

Jujubes Candy: 7.5LB Bag

8 Reviews

Jujubes candy has a special place in our childhood memories. First launched in the midst of the roaring ‘20s, these fruity little gumdrops were a massive hit. Made by the famous Ferrara Candy Company, the sweet treats are always popular with both adults and children. There’s something so glorious about chewing on these snacks and letting their fragrant flavor burst in your mouth. You just can’t get enough of the stuff! If you’re looking for old fashioned candy that ticks all the right boxes, you might just have found it. Here at Candy Warehouse, we can help you stock up on all your childhood favorites and more. Why not buy some of the snacks you recall from your youth now?

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