Jim Beam

Jim Beam Hand Made Fudge: 8.8-Ounce Box


Liquor Filled Chocolate Bottles: 10-Piece Crate

33 Reviews

Grand Assortment Chocolate Liquor Bottles: 8.1-Ounce Gift Box

37 Reviews

Liquor Filled Chocolate Bottles: 24-Piece Crate

31 Reviews

Jim Beam Liquor Filled Chocolate Bottles: 12-Piece Box

8 Reviews

Jim Beam Hand Made Fudge: 8.8-Ounce Tin

4 Reviews

Jim Beam Milk Chocolate Clusters: 3-Ounce Bag

2 Reviews

With Jim Beam chocolates, your favorite candies go to a whole new level. Now your favorite treats are extra-rich with the flavors of bourbon whiskey – close your eyes, and you can almost see the Kentucky fields surrounding the distillery. If you love Jim Beam, you’ll love the chocolate liquor it produces, and Candy Warehouse carries a great assortment of these delicious products. Try the chocolate clusters, with salted caramel, a bourbon infusion, and a dry roasted almond topping for extra crunch. The star of the show, though, is the crate of liquor filled chocolate bottles. Available as a 10-piece and a 24-piece, this crate is eye-catching and makes these bottles look amazingly realistic. It’ll make for an impressive gift for any candy lover or liquor aficionado, and is the perfect way to sample a variety of liquors.

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