Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly Big Gummy Tarantula Spiders Candy Packs: 24-Piece Box


Jelly Belly History

Jelly Belly is the most synonymous with jelly beans of nearly any other brand. Since 1898, this confectionery dynamo has filled our lives with an endless array of comforting and adventurous flavors. It all started when Gustav Goelitz opened a candy store in Illinois in the year 1869. Later, his sons continued with the candy business, specializing in candy corn! It wasn't until the 1960's when the fourth generation of Goelitzs began making and selling the jelly beans that Jelly Belly is known for today!

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Shopping for your favorite jelly bean lover? Look no further than the sampler gift boxes in a variety of sizes to choose from. We also carry selections in apothecary jars, jelly bean machines, tins, soda pop bottles, drawer units, and other nifty packages fit for the holidays. Candy Warehouse is the one stop shop for finding all your favorite Jelly Belly products in one convenient place. We carry a collection of jelly beans for every occasion. Keep the candy dish in your reception area stocked and ready for guests by filling it with a medley of tasty bite size candies. Switch it up and keep it cool with tropical mixes, smoothie blends, citrus combinations, super fruit assortments, and other fruity collections. Satisfy your bubbling desire for a glass of champagne with cocktail classics. Each 10-pound case includes flavored jelly beans that taste just like margaritas, piña coladas, cosmos, strawberry daiquiris, mojitos, and other classic cocktails you can enjoy anywhere without the risk of a hangover. Searching for healthier alternatives? Try our sugar free or organic jelly beans that are flavored with real fruit juices.

Jelly Belly Fun Facts

Jelly Belly is also the proud producer of gourmet treats, gummy candy, and other sweets you probably never realized. Enter the magical world of Harry Potter by stocking up on gummy slugs and chocolate frogs for this Halloween. Your house will be the most popular trick-or-treating stop in the entire neighborhood. Our selection includes candy corn, malted milk balls, sugar plums, and so much more.

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