Harry London

London Mints Candy: 4.5LB Tub

3 Reviews

London Mint $100 Bill Chocolate Mint Meltaways: 7-Ounce Gift Box

1 Review

Treat your taste buds to a memorable flavor experience with our selection of Harry London chocolate mints! Chocolate mint may be one of the greatest flavor combinations out there. It's sweet, elegant, and crisp, which is perfect for a refreshing after-dinner treat. When it comes to hosting a lavish event, you can never go wrong with these money themed candy treats. These chocolate candies come either in bulk individually wrapped pieces for on the go snacking or in a $100 bill gift box, perfect for the money-hungry folks in your life. These mints melt in your mouth just like a regular mint but you also get the rich, chocolaty coating to go along with it. Browse our selection of other minty candy at Candy Warehouse! You're sure to find something to satisfy!

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