Harcos Labs

Lime Liquid Candy Zombie Blood Bags: 12-Piece Box


Liquid Candy Blood Energy Potion Bags: 12-Piece Box

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The cool novelty products from Harcos Labs will make all your Halloweens come at once! Yes, if you’re looking for some gross-out treats, we have everything that you could possibly need. Blood candy is not only tasty and delicious, but it also works for a whole range of oh-so-hilarious pranks. You might want to pretend to be a doctor in surgery with this stuff. Alternately, you could make like a zombie and guzzle down a bag of the gooey snack in one go. It’s entirely up to you. At Candy Warehouse, we have the very best novelty candies you can get online all in one place. Buy a load of these weird and wonderful products now and you’ll never run out of funny ways to mess around with your friends.

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