Lucas Gusano Candy - Chamoy: 10-Piece Pack

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Lucas Gusano Candy - Tamarindo: 10-Piece Pack


Experience the taste of Mexico with the liquid treats from the likes of Gusano. Spice-lovers will go loco for these kickin’ treats! If you’ve never had the pure joy of tasting Mexican candy for yourself, these products are a great place to start. Choose from traditional flavors, including tamarind and chamoy. Each of the sauces comes with a hit of chili that gives it that desirably spiced taste. It’s not too hot, not too cool. Some people might even say that it’s just right. As if that weren’t enough to tantalize your taste buds, let’s talk about the ways you can enjoy these fun liquid candies. Of course, you can guzzle them straight from the bottle, but you can also use them as a garnish too. The possibilities are endless! Shop the selection at Candy Warehouse now.

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