Guinness Beer Dark Chocolate Truffles: 30-Piece Tube

4 Reviews

Guinness Beer Dark and White Chocolate Mini Pints: 7-Piece Pack

9 Reviews

Ever wondered how the Guinness brewery came to be? Founder Arthur Guinness Celbridge, County Kildare, Dublin, in 1725. It was years later when he invested £100 (a lot of money back then!) in a local brewery. During the 18th Century, porters and stouts were becoming hugely popular in both England and Ireland. Luckily, this meant that his ale was a massive hit both in Arthur’s homeland and further afield. By the start of the 19th Century, his son would take over the successful brewing business. These days, the company sells ale and products such as European candy too.

If you crave that unmistakable flavor of the iconic stout, you will simply love the amazing taste of Guinness chocolate! These alcohol-style treats are a massive hit with people around the world. It’s plain to see why. You can give these liquor candy delicacies as a gift to someone special or simply treat yourself to a packet of them. Either way, you certainly won’t be disappointed when you buy these snacks. Interested in some beer-tastic flavors? Luckily, you have a couple of ale-style treats from which to choose. The beer-flavor dark chocolate truffles are a real sensation in your mouth. Pop one of these beauties in and experience the excellent combination of rich and creaminess. We also have some other alcoholic chocolates that may tickle your fancy too. Why not try the fun, novelty mini pints instead? At Candy Warehouse, we have everything you need. Cheers!

Have you heard about the infamous Guinness 9000 year lease? Yes, the four-acre brewery at St. James’s Gate in Dublin is rented for millennia to come. Luckily, that means that we will be getting that distinctive taste of the stout for years as well as the milk chocolate candy. That’s excellent news for beer and chocolate lovers alike. Roll on the next few thousand years, we say!

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