Green Candy Canes

Brach's Wintergreen Candy Canes 12-PC Box


Archie McPhee Pickle Candy Canes: 6-Piece Box

2 Reviews

SweeTarts Filled Candy Canes: 12-Piece Box


LifeSavers Candy Canes - Wint-O-Green: 12-Piece Box

5 Reviews

Green candy canes are a festive and seasonal sweet that will satisfy any sugar craving. They can also make wonderful decor for Christmas trees or Christmas garlands, bringing out the color of the needles. Whether you like the look of a white and green candy cane or you prefer more traditional red and green candy canes, you can't go wrong with either color combination. Candy Warehouse has a great candy cane selection for all of your holiday decorating and gifting in the colors and flavors you want. Go with traditional peppermint flavor or choose SweeTarts candy canes for a delightfully tangy taste. Easily order as many boxes as you need for a holiday party or to enjoy as a treat at home.

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