Ginger Bites

Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger Bites: 2LB Bag


Ginger bites deliver a hit of bold flavor straight to the palate. They come in small, crystalized morsels that are fun and easy to eat. Just pop one in your mouth, and you won't be able to resist another. The sharp yet sweet taste of ginger candy pairs beautifully with the rich flavor of dark chocolate, making for an indulgent and enjoyable bite. At Candy Warehouse, we carry popular dark chocolate ginger bites by Marich Confectionery that you can use to upgrade your party spread or your candy dish at home. Each 2LB bag is stuffed with 300 of these tempting treats so that you always have enough for any occasion. Ordering online is quick and simple, and your bulk bag of zesty bites will be on their way in no time.

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