Giant Gummy Candy

Large Gummy Cola Bottles: 5LB Bag


Watermelon Gummy Domes: 5LB Bag


Albanese Green Gummy Army Men: 5LB Bag


Gustaf's Jumbo Gummy Turtles Candy: 1KG Bag

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Giant gummy candy comes in a variety of different shapes, bright colors, delicious flavors, and, most importantly, enormous sizes. It lets you enjoy your favorite chewy treats in jumbo form, savoring every bite. A big treat from the brand fittingly named, Giant Gummy, also makes an excellent gift for the friend or family member who likes their candy to be sweet and supersized. Browse the vast selection of giant gummies at Candy Warehouse for the perfect gift or fantastic party favors at your next event. Find timeless classics like giant gummy bear and worm candies, snakes, alligators, rats, dinosaurs, and more! We have a veritable zoo of these gelatinous sweets, along with some cola bottles, lips, and other fun shapes for good measure. Best of all, you can buy your bulky treats in bulk packs of bags weighing as much as 7LB! That's a lot of candy but, sometimes, that's exactly as much as you need.

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