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Fun Dip Candy Packs: 48-Piece Box

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Fun Dip Valentine Candy and Card Kits: 22-Piece Box

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Fun Dip Candy Fantastical Fun Book


Fun Dip and Rainbow Cherry Candy Canes: 6-Piece Box


Fun Dip Candy Packs - Mango Lime & Cucumber Watermelon: 12-Piece Box

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Fun Dip candy is a household name that we all know and love. But where did it all begin? Believe it or not, when the makers first created this treat it went by a different name completely. First called Lik-M-Aid, the classic children’s treat was invented way back in 1952. Few people know that the brand that first made the candy was the Fruzola Company. Later, the business owners would change its name to Sunline Inc instead. It wasn’t until 1973 that the creators changed the treat’s name to its current incarnation.

Fun Dip is exactly what it says on the tin! Not only is this snack seriously delicious, but it’s also super fun. Sure, you get that oh-so-sweet flavor of the treat, but it doesn’t end there. Oh no, you also get an interactive experience as you dip away! The remarkable powder candy comes with a sugar-based stick that you can use to scoop it up. Delicious, right? It’s no wonder that people adore this product. These days, the treat is made by the Ferrara Candy Company and comes in a rainbow-array of awesome flavors. You can pick from the likes of mango and lime or cucumber and watermelon or so much more! What’s more, when the festivities come around, you can even get holiday-themed products too! You can buy Fun Dip in bulk at Candy Warehouse right now. Go ahead and browse our variety online.

Did you know that when this nostalgic candy was first created, it didn’t contain a stick? It’s true! With the original Lik-M-Aid, you had to tip the whole packet upside down to get the powdery goodness inside. Luckily, over the years, the treat changed a whole lot. You can now get a wide variety of cool Fun Dip flavors, all of which contain that little stick. Yum!

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