Fruit Snacks

Keebler Sweet Treat Variety Pack: 12-Piece Box


Yumy Yumy Unicorn Fruit Snack Packs: 22-Piece Bag

1 Review

Fruit Gushers Fruit Flavored Snacks Value Pack


Black Forest Valentine Fruit Snack Packs: 24-Piece Box


Black Forest Fruit Snacks - Juicy Burst Berry Medley: 40-Piece Box


Black Forest Halloween Fruit Snack Packs: 24-Piece Box


Monopoly 3-Dees Fruit Snack Packs: 10-Piece Bag

1 Review

Black Forest Spring Fruit Snack Packs: 28-Piece Box


Tree Top All Natural Fruit Snacks Candy Packets: 80-Piece Box

12 Reviews

Sunkist Fruit Snacks - Mixed Fruit: 24-Piece Box


For a fresh alternative to heavily sugared candy, fruit snacks are the juicy, naturally sweet, and delicious treat everyone will love! Available in a rainbow of flavors and colors, these squishy, gummy-like fruit snack treats are perfect for school functions, on the go snacking, or filling the countertop candy dish with something wholesome, delicious, and fun! From naturally-derived Black Forest fruit snacks to classic brands like Welch’s and Mott’s, we have a harvest of fruity selections to satisfy everyone’s tastes! If your searching for bulk-sized snack packs to feed a crowd, no need to look any further as Candy Warehouse has an orchard-full of natural and organic fruit snacks in the flavors and shapes you want, fresh from the factory and ready to ship! These fruitilicious treats are just the thing you need to make smart snacking fun!

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