Frankford Candy

Sushi Body Parts Gummy Candy: 8-Piece Pack

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Founded in 1947, Frankford Candy Company began as a seasonal confectioner, making beloved treats like chocolate Santas and Bunnies during Christmas and Easter for small-town mom and pop shops. Now one of the leading producers of licensed candies and novelty gifts, this firm delivers treats for every occasion, from holiday classics to character-themed birthday sweets like SpongeBob lollipops, Marvel Wonderballs, and Hello Kitty confections! You’ll find unique and delicious products like creepy gummy body parts for Halloween, fun and interactive candy rings for birthdays, as well as unexpected treats like Frankford curly candy canes in the deliciously different flavors of key lime pie, cherry pie, banana cream, and strawberry shortcake! Bring an element of surprise and delight to the party with the vast selections of these imaginative treats available at Candy Warehouse!

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