Fazer Liqueur Filled Chocolate Assortment: 5.3-Ounce Box

7 Reviews

Vodka Liqueur Filled Chocolate Assortment: 5.3-Ounce Box

8 Reviews

Fazermint Chocolate Creams: 5.1-Ounce Bag

19 Reviews

Fazer candy is pure decadence in chocolate form inspired by the innovations of Finland’s finest chocolatier. Fazer chocolate began in 1891, when a fully trained confectioner named Karl founded a French/Russian café in Helsinki, Finland. Together with his wife Berta, and four children, he built a sweet empire creating innovative chocolate delicacies from sustainable sources. One of the most beloved treats from this candy maker is Fazermint, a premium quality dark chocolate mint with a silky cream center nestled in a unique silver box. For adult palates, Liqueur Fills are an after-dinner dream with their chocolate shell surrounding the flavors of rum, punch, maraschino, and cherry brandy. They are elegantly wrapped liquor candy at its finest. For elite sweets made using 100% sustainably sourced ingredients, take a stroll through the delicious selections of pure northern magic at Candy Warehouse!

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