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Famous Amos Chocolate Chip: 42-Piece Box


Famous Amos Bite Size Cookie Bags - 36-Piece Box


Famous Amos founder, Wally Amos, was born in Tallahassee, Florida, moving to New York to live with his aunt in 1948, a move which would later inspire an entire gourmet cookie brand! Although not well off, Aunt Della’s home was always rich with the aroma of home-baked chocolate chip cookies, which motivated Wally to enroll in culinary school. After serving four years in the military, he shifted gears and secured work in a talent agency, signing the famous singing duo, Simon and Garfunkel, to a record deal! This entrepreneur then went on to work with stars like Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, and Sam Cooke! After leaving the Big Apple for Los Angeles, Amos fell on hard times, resulting in an innovative idea to produce a modified version of his Aunt Della’s recipe. This novel idea became a reality and made his name a legend in the cookie business!

Famous Amos is a brand recognized all over the world and known for its high-quality goodness and homemade taste. These crunchy bite-sized cookies come in Original Chocolate Chip, nutty and delicious Chocolate Chip and Pecans, and delectable Double Chocolate Chip versions, all perfect for on the go snacking or dunking in a cold glass of milk! Available in boxes, easy to tote bags, tubs, and snack-sized packs, these premium baked treats are made with simple, wholesome ingredients for fresh off the baking sheet homemade flavor that will satisfy your most intense cookie cravings! For large parties, sporting events, or an everyday treat, the easy to tote and eat bulk snacks available at Candy Warehouse are just what you need to treat them to something you know they’ll love!

Fun Facts- These delicious snack cookies are famous for a reason, as they entered the sweet treat scene with the red-carpet treatment. In 1975, Amos, who was struggling with his own personal management company, garnered financial backing from entertainers like Marvin Gaye to open his first confectionery storefront on Sunset Boulevard. The grand opening was ushered in with a spectacular advertising campaign and a gala event reminiscent of a world premiere movie opening! There’s even a sign commemorating the first store located in Hollywood! Unfortunately, this initial grandiose success took a wrong turn in 1985 as the company began to struggle financially, resulting in ownership changing hands several times. It was later acquired by Kellogg’s and recently shifted ownership again to the Ferrero Group in 2019. No matter who owns the brand, the delicious flavor and quality of this iconic snack hasn’t changed a bit!

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