Dulces Mara

Dulces Mara Day of the Dead Pops: 12-Piece Bag


Dulces Mara Halloween Pumpkin Pops: 12-Piece Bag


Mara Combo Pinata Candy Mix: 5LB Bag


Dulces Mara is a Mexican confectioner who brings the traditional tastes of savory south of the border sweets to several countries worldwide! For over 35 years, this company has created high-quality and delicious products, from Halloween candy to everyday treats right in the small town of Tabasco in the state of Zacatecas, with a commitment to quality and the betterment of the residents of this beautiful region. When you are searching for authentic, flavorful treats for traditional celebrations, the selection of Day of the Dead candy you’ll find at Candy Warehouse is the most extensive in the world! We have bulk-sized themed lollipops in assorted fruity flavors and vibrant colors, fresh from the factory and ready to fill your pinatas and candy bowls with the south of the border tastes you know and love!

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