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Dr. John's Sugar Free Hard Candy Fruit Drops: 1LB Bag

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Dr. John's Sugar Free Tooth-Shaped Suckers Assortment: 1LB Bag

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Dr John’s candy was created in 1995 by a dentist who found the sugar free lollipops available at the time were tasteless and unappealing. With the desire to create something unique, delicious, and sugarless, he set off on a mission to give sweet lovers young and old, a treat that was both tasty and healthy! After 15 years of producing and marketing his confectionary brand, Dr John went even further and added xylitol, a naturally occurring compound found in most plants, including many fruits and vegetables. He was the first to add this natural and delicious sweetener to a sugar free lollipop and created quite a stir in the confectionery world! With this ingredient included, his brand of sugar free candy offers more than just great taste, it also provides needed health benefits!

Dr John’s candies include a full line of delicious sweets, all of which are dentist-approved and made without sugar! Choose from sugar free lollipops in fruity flavors of cherry, grape, blue raspberry, orange, lemon, and lime, as well as sugar free hard candy in cherry, orange, lemon, lime, blue raspberry, and grape! As if that isn’t exciting enough, this brand also produces Healthy Sweets, a nutritional line of candies made with natural ingredients that have 20% of the recommended amount of daily fiber and a 3.3-gram combination of both xylitol and erythritol! Parents, dentists, and kids can all rejoice that finally, there’s a snack out there that is as healthy as it is delicious! Even better, Candy Warehouse has all the varieties you want, fresh from Dr John, all in one convenient place!

Fun Fact- You’re probably wondering, what is all the excitement surrounding this sugar free ingredient that starts with an X? According to medical sources, xylitol benefits include the prevention of cavities, and products such as foods, chewing gum, candies, and toothpaste that provide 1-20 grams of this compound per day can reduce the rate of cavity formation in both adults and children five years and older. It does this by lowering the levels of decay-causing bacteria in the mouth, thus lessening plaque buildup! It is also a fabulous sugar replacement for those with diabetes, or individuals who are on a sucrose-free diet! Plus, Dr John’s xylitol lollipops contain natural ingredients, and they taste great too, so this candy is one you can give them with confidence!

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